The Soccer for Peace Foundation (SFP) is a Miami-based non-profit organization that promotes the use of soccer as a vehicle for social change, making an impact on more than 4.000 children in Colombia. We operate in Colombia as "Fútbol Con Corazón".

SFP was incorporated in 2008 in the State of Florida and is governed by a Board of Directors.

Why we do it

Colombia is one of the most “unequal” countries on the planet—where the gap between rich and poor people is among the widest in the world. All sectors of Colombian society must work to ameliorate the issues that result from this gap.  Specifically, Soccer For Peace initiative targets vulnerable neighborhoods and communities that often share these characteristics:

  • Fragile or no civic institutions.
  • Extreme poverty and isolation.
  • Lack of public services.
  • High level of unemployment.
  • Presence of displaced populations from civil conflict.
  • Domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • Gang warfare and drug trade.

As a result, children and youth are at a high risk of falling prey to the inherent risks present in vulnerable communities.

We believe values education can end the poverty crisis in Colombia and soccer pedagogy is our vehicle of change.




What we focus on

3 main goals:

Create values and skills for life | Promote peaceful conflict resolution | Promote gender equality and a healthy coexistence.