Super League! Celebrating soccer as a peace tool.

The Super League is a unique football tournament of it's kind. This day aims to stimulate, mobilize and integrate the different communities, generating spaces for healthy coexistence through football and allowing children and young people to develop life skills and learn to make good decisions.

More than a sporting event, it is a community celebration of great magnitude, which reflects 100% our passion for soccer. This event dedicated to football, which takes place among all SFP venues, seeks to integrate communities to promote healthy coexistence and peace through sport. Each of the parties is carried out with the methodology of SFP, oriented towards the development of values such as tolerance, respect and honesty. Prior to each match, children make their agreements and commit to fair play and teamwork.

Last saturday we celebrated the round 16 of this this tournament with great success! More than 500 children, coming from 10 different communities of the Atlántico, actively mobilized around this great party.

The host venue, Galapa, welcomed the participating venues with enthusiasm, joy and great dynamism. Posters, banners, balloons, songs, and an African dance performance from the Girls of the Community Empowerment Model, enlivened the Super League from the beginning to the end.

Boys, girls and young people, parents, community leaders, Community Action Boards, neighbors of the sector, SFP Football School boys and Galapa Mayor, Carlos Silvera, also showed their commitment to social union during this day of healthy recreation.

The Super League has achieved its task of energizing all social actors within a single movement, aimed at peace and large-scale transformation. Over the course of the year, 23 Atlántico communities have been involved, and more than 1,100 children and young people have enjoyed scoring goals of peace.


Upcoming meetings:
This will be the next rounds of the Super League, scheduled for next Saturday, October 28, 2017, at El Pueblo headquarters.

Creators - Promoters: They will play Semifinal phase.

Explorers - Constructors: they will play Quarter Finals and Semifinal.

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