Futbol Con Corazon Is The Winner of the Sport For Social Inclusion Award!

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When a child joins Fundacion Futbol Con Corazon, she knows that she will not be playing “soccer as usual.” The “soccer for peace” methodology calls for mixed girl-boy teams in various age categories, a practice that is alien to the social context in which the children live. Twice a week, they engage in experience-based values workshops, which emphasize four core values to be demonstrated on the playing filed: honesty, solidarity, respect and tolerance.Soccer games last three periods: during period one, players agree to specific behaviour standards; the second period involves play; and the third period focuses on self-evaluation.

A minimum of two girls and two boys play per team. Additional rules:

  •  Each child plays the same amount of time.
  •  There are no referees, rather advisors who act as facilitators.
  •  The players must solve conflicts that arise during the game.
  •  A girl must score the first goal of each team.
  •  Children receive points for following core values.
  •  The winning team accumulates the most number of points.
  •  If there is a draw, the team with the most points, as a result of values applied during the game, will be declared the winner.