what we focus on

With your support, we have reached 40 communities and have had an impact on more than 4.000 children throughout Colombia.
We operate in Colombia as Fútbol Con Corazón.


How kids develop life skills using soccer

Our children learn the fundamentals of soccer techniques, strategy and play. In addition, they are trained in our pedagogical methodology "Soccer For Peace".


Soccer For Peace Methodology has 3 main goal:


Create Values and Life Skills.


Promote peaceful conflict resolution.


Promote gender equality and a healthy coexistence.

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Soccer for Peace is not a traditional soccer game.

We changed the rules of the Game:

  • The game is played in three stages.

  • Co-existence agreements are attained.

  • Mixed teams.

  • No referees.

  • The first goal must always be scored by a woman.

  • Every team member must participate.

  • There is an evaluation and a self-evaluation.

  • The winner is a blend of goals and behavior.


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